John is a touring jazz musician who has never met a woman like Alice. That’s because there aren’t many women like Alice. Their love is urgent and physical and they have made heady declarations of devotion to each other. 
Blowing out of the city like a whirlwind in the night, Alice and John flee to the coast. However, over the course of this romantic weekend getaway, they come into contact with strangers and friends and the bubble threatens to burst as they discover the vulnerabilities, flaws and manipulations that were previously masked by the blissful waves of new love.

Katharine Davenport
James Barnes
Sebastian Badarau
Bean Downes

Cinema as bebop. Director Justin John Doherty and writer Neil Fox capture something both very specific and also universal about the first flush of love in all its wonder and fragility.
— Tom Shone, Sunday Times Film Critic

a beautiful, visually compelling and fully realised film populated by very real and very flawed people.
— Violet Lucca, Film Comment / Sight & Sound

Completed January 2017

Shot on location in Cornwall, UK.

Running Time: 84mins
Shooting Format: Sony 4K (UHD)

Director Justin John Doherty

Writer Neil Fox

Editor Steven Worsley